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Fear of Success Fear of Change

Fear of Success Fear of FailureFEAR OF SUCCESS FEAR OF CHANGE

Almost everyone eyes success in all aspects of their lives. “Almost” is the key term here because not everyone has the genuine desire to succeed in whatever endeavor they are engaged in at this point. While success entails obtaining every material thing you want – be it your dream car and house for your family, the privilege to travel, having the freedom to travel, being stable financially, and living in luxury, why is it that many people have this apparent fear of achieving success?

How do we define success? For many people, it is all about acquiring wealth, earning more money than what you can spend, obtaining power, among others. It is having a clear vision, a dream to aspire for, a set of goals, and being able to work hard to achieve them. It can range from something personal to something vast. Success can be about losing a few pounds to fit into a bikini, or it can refer to the successful acquisition of the majority shares in the company. Whatever you set your mind into and working hard towards it; these are the components of success.

While there are many people who fear success, even experts find it difficult to find the common reason behind this kind of fear. After all, it is impossible to generalize, given that they are all different, right? However, upon looking at different causes closely and studying varied cases, you can conclude that everything boils down to the fear of change.

With that common denominator, it is easier to dissect and analyze their reasons. By having this frame of thought, you will realize that what you might have been doing in the past are counterproductive and puts you a step farther from your goals.
At this point, let us analyze the different sources of people’s fear of success.


Source of Fear #1: Comfort Zone

When you are fond of doing only what’s familiar and what you are comfortable doing, and when you fear doing the unfamiliar and you no longer want to try something new, then you might be trapped in your comfort zone. “Your” comfort zone because more often than not, it is self- imposed. You are the sole authority for your bounds and limits right? You don’t want to approach the unknown and you find the possibility of facing change a scary thing. However, life within the comfort zone can be very predictable and unexciting.

If you want to be truly successful, you need to be ready in facing change. Going out of your comfort zone and treating it as a new learning adventure is one way to do this. Also, allowing yourself to grow, acquire new skills, learn new concepts, and applying these in real life are other practical ways to embrace success.

In addition, never be afraid to make any mistakes. Becoming successful is not all about reaching perfection. It is about facing your fear, making mistakes occasionally, learning from those mistakes, and applying what you have learned.
Therefore, if you wish to be successful, you should not remain in your comfort zone.


Source of Fear #2: Responsibility

In any decision that you make, you should hold yourself accountable. You are the captain of your own ship. That means that you are the one in charge of your life. Be accountable for anything that you will do. However, being accountable and taking responsibility involves change. That’s the reason why people veer away from responsibility. By nature, leaders who are great at taking responsibility do not fear success. Otherwise, you can’t be a leader.

Therefore, you should allow change to occur. Allow that natural leader in you to take over and take responsibility. Lead and never fear to make the most important decisions. Abandon that fear of facing changes. Be responsible of whatever things you do.


Source of Fear #3: The Attention Factor

Do you value your privacy? Up to a certain extent, you are on the right track. However, you should not be overprotective of your privacy. At a certain point, if you want to be successful, you have to give up a portion of that privacy you enjoy. You should be ready to get noticed if you want to be successful. Gone were the days when you are merely blending with the rest of the crowd. If you want to obtain success, you should be ready to face this change.

If you no longer fear to get noticed in what you do, then you will be ready to do your best in whatever it is you are tasked to accomplish. Never fear to become a stand out. Get noticed and be proud! Grabbing your share of the limelight is a healthy thing, so never veer away from it. From now on, you should get used to the attention.


Source of Fear #4: Higher Level of Standards

As you climb up the ladder of success in any field of endeavor, you will be subjected to higher level of standards. This is normal because as you step up the ladder, you are expected to perform better and at a much higher level.

It is all about running an extra mile. When you think that it is already enough, you should not stop there. Remember, just enough is not enough. Merely meeting the basic expectations will not suffice if you strive to become successful. Being expected to do well is about beating the deadline, getting things done on time, and delivering top- quality work every single time.

Again, the factor of change comes in. Every time the bar gets raised a bit higher, you should also step up your level of performance. With that, you can ensure that whatever success you are enjoying right now, you will continue to enjoy.


Source of Fear #5: Foes and Friends

If you want to be successful, neither your foes nor your loving friends should be able to hurt you. Being up there and enjoying success can have a downside because you will accumulate more enemies and you will lose some friends.

You can’t blame them. Becoming successful changes how people perceive you, even if you did not change a bit. It also causes them to be envious and jealous because of the success that you are reaping. But never fear this kind of change. At least, you have the opportunity to cull out your false friends. That way, you get to better cherish the ones who remain. There will always be people who will be respectful because of the feat that you were able to accomplish. As for those who despise you just because you are successful, leave them alone. They will soon get tired of being like that.

According to experts, this factor is one of the main origins of the fear of success. They avoid becoming successful just because they do not want to lose their friends in the process. Still, this can be rooted to staying in their self- imposed comfort zone. The thought of having friends turn their back against you is just too much to bear.

Here’s what you should think of: It is always more rewarding to have a few friends who are true, rather than having more than a handful who are ready to turn their backs against you once they sense that you are a threat. It is always more rewarding to be around with people who are like-minded and those who are tolerant of both your imperfections and strong points.


Source of Fear #6: Self-Image

Try to visualize yourself as someone truly successful. If you can’t that’s a big problem. Many people are not able to achieve success because they underestimate their own capabilities. They don’t think that they will ever be worthy of any success of any form. This boils down to that tendency to stay in the comfort zone.

Before you become ready for any kind of success, you should be ready to face changes and make some changes. And one of the first things that you should change is yourself. You should change your framework of thinking. You might need to feel better about yourself. You might want to start seeing yourself in a brand new light.

Start acquiring the “optimistic” point of view. Always think that you are a winner no matter what happens. You must be ready to build that successful self-image even before it happens. Deep within, you should feel it. Deep inside, it must be true.
See yourself as someone worthy to achieve success.

Every factor discussed within this chapter of this compendium all describes the fear of facing changes. If you want to be successful, you should change the way you view your life and the way you view yourself. The most important change that you should do is the change from within you

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